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Apart from the above listed interesting facts, you will be amazed to know that The New York Times, a giant in the media industry, also utilizes MongoDB for applications like photo submissions and is deployed for building the forms.
Due to its scalability and versatility, MongoDB can be used for managing large datasets generated from social media, videos, audio messages, and many other sources.When technology is used across the globe and has scope in every industry regardless of its type, you would like to learn MongoDB basics and make a career in the versatile domain.
This article will let you know what MongoDB is and what are the requirements for initiating a career in the same.
The official homepage refers to MongoDB as
 “the most popular database for modern applications”.
MongoDB is an open-source document-based NoSQL (Not Only Structured Query Language) database management tool that is used for the storage of massive volumes of data. It is a highly scalable, flexible, and distributed database that stores the data in JSON like formats. 
It is one of the most powerful NoSQL systems and databases around, it is preferred by many of the businesses and companies for storage and management of huge amounts of data. Unlike traditional database systems that use tables for the management of data, MongoDB makes use of collections and documents. 
According to the developer of MongoDB, Eliot Horowitz,
“Users love MongoDB because it offers the fastest time to value as compared to any other DBMS technology.”
MongoDB is a very useful NoSQL database that offers such potent features that it is used by some of the biggest corporate giants across the globe. It offers unmatched features to parse all the unstructured data. 
Let us have a look at some of the most powerful features of MongoDB.
MongoDB can be executed with unmatched availability and scalability as it has data centers that are distributed geographically and across cloud regions. MongoDB scales in terms of volume and throughput, and that too without changing the application.
MongoDB is document-based which means that it stores data in JSON-like documents. No doubt, it is more powerful than the traditional row/column model and is the most natural way to work with data. It supports nested objects and arrays as values and allows for dynamic and flexible schemas.
The security controls and advanced functionality are sophisticated enough to align with both new and existing measures of privacy and compliance.
You can get different real-time applications as it has analytics and data visualizations, text and geospatial search, event-driven streaming data pipelines, global replication along with maintaining security and reliability. 
With Atlas Cloud Service provided by MongoDB, you can perform your tasks well as an application developer. This technology facilitates users with an on-demand, pay-as-you-go pricing model along with global support 24 hours. It also lowers the costs as it runs on commodity hardware.
MongoDB has garnered over 4900 customers, 1000+ partners, and a whopping 30 million + downloads. It is already being used in well-established companies such as Google, eBay, Adobe, The New York Times, CERN physics laboratory, MetLife Insurance, and many other companies.
The most essential point regarding MongoDB to be kept in mind is that you can learn it even if you are a Software Developer, Architect, or Administrator. Also, Database and Analytics Professionals, System Administrators, and Research Professionals can go with learning MongoDB to make an excellent career in this domain.
The first and foremost reason to go with an internship in MongoDB is that it is being used by top 500 companies across the globe. Moreover, it’s huge. It is widely used across social media, financial services, retail, and healthcare. 
If you wish to land a MongoDB internship, you should have prior knowledge of the basics of MongoDB. MongoDB experts have designed a curriculum for the same, and it’s strong knowledge and skill will allow you to work efficiently with MongoDB. 
The best way to learn the basics of MongoDB is to take up an online training course which is available from basics for development and administration to advanced courses in Data Modeling, Debugging, and Security. 
The online training course lets you come across various real-life projects and industrial projects. Having hands-on experience in industry projects can let you land an internship very quickly. Doing projects help you gain practical knowledge of MongoDB basics and its implementation clearly. 
Apart from doing a project, you are also required to be active on portals that focus specifically on internships. Being active in those portals will keep you updated regarding the vacancies across the geographical locations and according to the level of your expertise. You can apply for the internship as soon as you get the notifications regarding the internship.
When technology is used widely among top companies across the world, you would surely wish to make a career in the same. Going with an online training course lets you understand the basics of MongoDB easily and in a trouble-free manner.
Modular course designs are there that allow you to choose from the courses according to the level of your expertise and are delivered at your location and that too on your specified schedule. Also, you can choose from completely online training, blended learning, and instructor-led training. Instructor-led training is the best way to enhance your team’s skills and knowledge.
So, when are you going to register?
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