PancakesCon 2020 Quarantine Edition fullzcvvto, cvv2su

Thank you for your attendance and support; see you next time!
Media coverage:
#PancakesCon is an impromptu, virtual hacker con which occurred on Sunday 3/22/2020, from 9AM-6PM Central US Time .
Every talk at PancakesCon was approximately 40 minutes long, and had two halves:
1) An introductory talk on a hacking / infosec topic targeted at junior analysts or students in the field.
2) An introductory talk on any one non-IT topic for anyone to learn about the skill or hobby.
The objective is to allow people to learn some new skills (infosec career-wise, and not) while they are trapped in quarantine at home or in isolation. It should inspire them to learn more on their own about both or either topics.
“Windows Forensics Basics & Homemade Pickles!”
Talks should be PG-13 or below. (Cocktail making is fine, but please don’t swear excessively while making bathtub gin.)
Talks will be live-streamed via GoToWebinar (Thank you, Wild West Hackin’ Fest!) You may use demos, video, slides, or a combination, as long as it is compatible with the streaming service. We will endeavor to record them all.
Registration is now closed. Thank you to our 3000+ attendees.
Thank you to Security Innovations for running our CTF, and over 1000 competitors!
Car Hacking Village is a unique interactive car hacking/learning village. Given the current switch to virtualizing conferences, we are also working to virtualize the Village. We are frantically working to make an interactive learning/hacking environment from scatch. We worked hard over the last 4 days to connect multiple Raspberry Pis to a Tesla Model 3. Using “tmate” we can share the SSH terminals for users to issue commands to the devices. These devices are connected via CAN Bus to the vehicle. Using tools such as CAN-Utils via SocketCAN, users can create scripts to connect and issue CAN Commands including Diagnostic Requests to the vehicle from the comfort of their own home. We have also connected cameras monitoring the Front, Rear, and Interior of the vehicle and are streaming these feeds live via Twitch (,, these streams have a slight delay but can give users the visual feedback they may need. We also are working on a “Getting Started Guide” and some challenges that will be posted to our soon to be announced web page. Please go to and click on PancakesCon event for the latest links or follow us on Twitter @CarHackVillage.
Please help us by practicing self isolation and hand washing during this difficult time! Support your local small businesses where you can, and look after one another!
Special thanks to:
Wild West Hackin’ Fest for the use of a GoToWebinar account!
Security Innovation for the CTF!
All of our volunteers and moderators!
All 153 people who submitted talks  – we see you and we love you!
Each and every one of you who cuts back on unnecessary contact, supports local businesses, and looks out for all our neighbors while we work to flatten the curve of COVID-19.
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