Fighting Against Phishing Scams dumpscc, briansclubcm

In last few days I noticed a huge spike in the number of phishing e-mails in my inbox. Most of them came disguised as e-mails from Microsoft Live support team regarding a possible account closure or reactivation. I have seen similar kind of phishing scams in past but this time the number of such e-mails were very huge. In a single day I got more than 100 such e-mails. None of them went to my junk folder but directly came to my inbox though I have good phishing/spam filters in place. I even received 2-3 follow-up e-mails from few e-mail accounts. I normally ignore spam/phishing e-mails and some time report if it is a major phishing attack. But this time I was curious to know from where all these e-mails came.
Interesting but not surprising-all those e-mails came from different ids (might  be spoofed ones) but through a single spam friendly Relay server. I am skipping the details of e-mail header analysis as it is out of the scope here.
I believe we are going to see more phishing scams in the coming days.
What is the best way to protect from these type of attacks?
Simply ignore them and hope that these will stop someday when these people realize that it is not profitable anymore Or report every single phishing scams and try to block its source?
dumpscc briansclubcm